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Unique artisan products made with the finest quality scents for your heart and home.

Bamboo Mu - A fresh but delicate scent. Perfect for those who enjoy a subtle fragrance.

Chai Bella - Rich, earthy scent of cinnamon, cardoman and musk tones.

Coco Loco -  Sharp, fresh zest of lime and a hint of spice. 

Coconut Mango - A blend of sweet tropical delights; coconut and sun ripened mango.

Coconut Palm - Sweet creamy, nuttiness of coconut.

Deep Blue - Refreshing, clean scent with crisp ocean notes.

Guava Jam - Vibrant fruity scent of sun ripened guava.

Harvest Spice - Warm spices and buttery notes, a taste of Winter holidays spent by the fire.

Hawaiian Lei - The true scent of Hawaiian jasmine. An intense tropical white floral scent.

Lavender Fields - Classic, fresh plant aroma of lavender with a hint of rose.

Lemon Twist -  An uplifting and refreshing Australian favourite.

Kona Coffee - Freshly brewed scent of coffee with the addition of actual coffee grounds. Perfect for removing the odour of fish, onion and garlic from the hands when cooking.

Rain Drops -   Pure clean scent of lemon, our best seller hands down.

Royal Plumeria - The Hawaiian version of the frangipani, a rich floral heart.

Serenity - Smooth enticing blend of sandalwood, citrus notes and spiced amber.

Sugar Cane - Distinct and traditional creamy vanilla base with a hint of caramelised sugar.

Sweet Melon - Sweet and ripe sun drenched melon scent.

Tropical Pineapple - Robust aroma of a fresh cut pineapple and a hint of the tropics.

Turquoise Coast - Our signature soap. A fragrant and refreshing breeze of fresh citrus.

Un-fig-etable - The soothing and luxurious woody scent of fig. Subtle and warming.

Wild Orchid - Delicate aromatic bloom of tropical orchids.